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Friday, March 23, 2007

Not Your Grandfather's NASCAR... Actually, Man, On Second Thought...

This one's not from Fark's Florida files, but sure could be (emphasis mine).
Rachel Lyndsee Otto, 21, of Boca Raton, allegedly pulled over Michael Mellin on Tuesday and ordered the man out of a car and handcuffed him, police said.


Mellin told police that Otto walked over to his car and asked him for his driver's license and registration, police said. Mellin said he saw Otto, who he thought was a man, put on a utility belt. Police said the belt contained mace and handcuffs.

Boca Raton police arrived and recognized Otto, who has been arrested nine times since 2004, the Palm Beach Post reported. She told Boca police that she was making a citizen's arrest because the man had cut her off in a road-rage incident.

A woman who was a passenger in Otto's vehicle was also questioned by police. The woman told him that she had been living with Otto for a week and thought she was a man, according to police.

A man who had been assisting Otto was also questioned. The man told police he had pulled over to help Otto because he believed he was assisting a man from the sheriff's office make an arrest, according to police.

Otto, a computer web designer, is the granddaughter of NASCAR co-founder Edgar Otto.
Jesus, man. The Local 10 article headline, by the way, is "That's not the granddaughter of NASCAR co-founder Edgar Otto! It's a maaan, baby!"