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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh God, Please Make This Come True

Great reality show ideas, via Celebritology. Give Mr. Lohan a chance and make it happen Hollywood!
...including a pitch for another reality show in which he and Lindsay would be put on a desert island along with Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and their dads.
And then there is this:
"And he's got other ideas, like going out on Sunset Boulevard and giving a prostitute a hundred dollar bill -- not for sex, but for her time so he can talk to her and try to save her. He wants to make things right with the world. And especially with his family."
Good for him. I'm sure you're asking yourself, "What about Rob? I'm sure he has some white-hot concepts that he's itching to put on the Networks." Well I'm glad you asked. My top reality show ideas in no particular order. I'm speaking in my Producer voice, so 3rd person here I come!
  1. Put Rob on the cast of The Hills. Watch as he recreates his weekends in So Cal with the Hills crowd. Mostly will consist of him calling them "rich cunts, selfish no-good whores," followed by "I think you are hot, do you what to have a three-some." Of course he will be waving his drink drunkenly; sporting his "look", which for lack of a better term could be called the "Old Navy Retro '97." The highlight of this show would be during the late-night hours when Rob inappropriately rubs himself under the table, or on top, while giving Lauren the thousand-yard stare.

  2. Put Rob on the cast of Maui Fever. Uh...pretty much same plot outline as above.

  3. Only MTV unrelated concept. And I've Rob has been really selling this one hard -- Grab Mel Gibson. Get a room. Add tequila and a different minority every week. Laughter to follow
Now, why can't I get any traction on these?

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