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Monday, March 26, 2007

Reason(s) to Never Invite Me to a Party Again

Like many DC libertarians I was invited to a celebration last Friday of Brian Doherty's new book "Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern Libertarian Movement" (Wall War Street Journal review here) at Reason's lovely new DC office. At first I thought their office was a new gay club. Elegant with a rustic feel. Showers in the bathrooms. I expected a disco ball to drop at any moment. It's everything I thought a Reason office would be. And should be. I could have taken pictures of it. Or the people there. Or that Heritage Foundation guy sucking George Bush's dick in the bathroom (totally inappropriate at a Reason event if you ask me). But I'd rather post this picture of the labor and other regulatory notices that DC and federal law require businesses to put up. Reason hasn't fully moved in yet. No art on the wall. No framed Constitution. No bust of Hayek or Rothbard. No pictures showing Virginia Postrel's bust. Just a lone, government-mandated list of regulations on one of their walls. Sell outs. But at least they had free beer and wine. And free (I assume) copies of "Choice". I also took a lap top. Hey, Nick said feel free to take stuff.

I'm about 200 pages into Doherty's 600-page book. Some really good stuff in it. Not enough gossip for me though. Unless he's saving that for the history of Cato and the LP. I mean he mentions in the section on Leonard Read that Read's sexual exploits are legendary. Like Wilt Chamberlain legendary. But he doesn't elaborate. Why not? If Ayn Rand swallowed Read's cum and said "I did that for me" I want to know about it. Oh, don't pretend like you don't. You're not better than me.

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