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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

S-Word No Longer Acceptable

Are anthropologists the lowest form of scientist? I can only answer that question with a question. If you had the opportunity to kick one in the head, would you? I know I would. From the BBC.
The phrase "stone age" has been labelled offensive by anthropologists who say it should not be used to describe living peoples.
In particular, the Association of Social Anthropologists highlights the way the term has been used to describe tribal and indigenous people.

It also says that "primitive" or "savage" are no longer acceptable terms for such groups of people.
And the kicker [emphasis mine]
Survival, the campaign group that supports tribal people, says that "stone age" is a term that has been used for many years to create an impression that such people are "backward".

"This is dangerous because it is often used to justify the persecution or forced 'development' of tribal peoples. The results are almost always catastrophic: poverty, alcoholism, prostitution, disease and death," says Survival.
I blame the primitive savages for those results. Onward colonization!

Full article here.

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