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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Safety Politics First

DC Councilmember Jim Graham is at it again. He likes to wrap his political decisions in the cloth of public safety. Usually. Except when undermining public safety is in his political interest.
Responding to e-mails, telephone calls and letters from senior citizens across the District, D.C. Council member Jim Graham introduced legislation yesterday that would eliminate written and road tests for drivers 75 and older.
First, he read the political tea leaves and helped drive smokers out of private bars into the public streets where they can't be avoided. Then he realized he could wrap up the parent vote by driving teenagers out of regulated, law-abiding nightclubs into illegal speakeasies, back alleys and house parties. Now he's bowing to the geriatric lobby and making it easier for Alzheimer-ridden, heart-attack-prone senior citizens to drive. Clever. Say you're making the public better off while you actually make them worse off, and sit back and collect the votes. This guy is smooth. Bow-tie smooth.

Full story here.

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