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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Basketball Blogging

My games for the day:

Xaiver-Ohio State...I'm rooting for Xaiver and it should be a good game. CBS is eating up the rivalry that pits OSU coach Thad Matta against his former team. So far, like every other game I've seen OSU play, I'm unimpressed with their performance, esp with the 47 year old father of Lebron James. When will the media shut up about Oden? HE IS NOT GOOD. If I was 7ft and semi-coordinated I could be a mediocre college basketball player too. Unfortunately I'm 5'2" and have trouble urinating in the toilet...Not sure what I'm suppose to do with those attributes. Have you noticed an anti-Big Ten bias in me yet? I give it to Xavier in my upset pick.

The rest of my games have local interest:

Georgetown-BC...I'm conflicted on this one. I'm a big-time ACC supporter, but I have a special place in my heart for this Georgetown team. I'll go ahead and admit I have them advancing to the Final Four and the Championship Game. Too big and too fast. Not real deep, I know, but every guy on the court is a big time athlete. Advantage Georgetown.

Maryland-Butler..Huge game for us. And by us I mean me. I feel more confident playing Butler than I did Davidson, not to say it couldn't be close. Nothing objective to say here, Maryland wins by 12.

I'll try and do another update before I lose consciousness, but no promises.

UPDATE: Wow. Xaivier up by 9 6:00 left in the game. What a game. Shooting like maniacs, and they still have the option of taking it inside; Oden having 3 fouls.

UPDATE II: Holy Shit...What a fucking game. Wow, what a last minute, big-time ending for OSU. Let me first say that, yes, Oden is not a great player, but he is still a big, strong player for OSU and losing him for OT has to hurt OSU. No way around it. We shall see what happens.

UPDATE III: I can't take this Maryland game. Intense. Looks like (hopefully) Butler shooters are beginning to tire out a bit. Big men for MD are not in foul trouble for once, so if they just keep working it inside and making that outside shot open once and while I feel good. I'm slightly worried that Mike Jones might be hurt. Saw him grab his hamstring and he has been out for some time now. Praying for his health. Someone close to Vasquez needs to tell him to shave that beard. Disgusting.

LAST UPDATE: So much for the MD game. I'm not sure about that last offense call against Strawberry, but what can you do. I'm gonna go get severly fucked up. Been fun. Enjoy the holiday folks.

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