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Monday, March 26, 2007

State and Gangs Battle Over Stolen Money; Retards Caught in Middle, Forced to Live in Recycle Bins

I might be going to hell, but what's this soulless blogger to do when he reads these paragraphs from an article titled Hawke's Bay gangs 'prey on mentally ill'[emphasis mine]
Mentally ill people living on the streets are becoming easy prey for gangs and drug dealers, says the manager of a Hawke's Bay mental health support trust.


Many on the streets ended up as easy prey for methamphetamine (P) suppliers and were constantly in debt to gangs or dealers.

The report by Wellington's The Property Group said it found "multiple cases quoted of consumers falling prey to victimisation, especially from gang members and their associates".


Judge Geoff Rea told Hastings District Court it was either prison or the streets. "He is a sad case in the sense that it seems he falls between the criminal justice system and the mental health system." Last December, Fredricksen spent seven days living in a recycling bin.

Mr Banks said his trust had dealt with a Napier man who walked out of his Housing Corporation flat because of the standover tactics of a gang who stole his furniture and warned him they'd be back the next week for his benefit money.
A couple of things. First of all, are they serious? Hawkes Bay Gangs? Come on...What did they walk up to the homeless guy, swooshing and side-stepping, snapping their fingers, singing threatening songs until he gave up his lazy boy/toilet?*

My second and more serious point. With the caveat that if this actually happens. Would these homeless, mentally unstable "consumers" be attractive to a shake down if they were not receiving money from the state? No, probably not. It's also rather silly to assume that these criminal gangs wouldn't just take the money or property in the first place. You know, without having to go through all the trouble of keeping ledgers detailing the debt that the different homeless guys have accrued over the year.

Full article (from New Zealand) here.

*I actually had a potential verse written out in this space, but Baylen gets all the e-mail, so I figured I'd give him a break on the hate-mail today.

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