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Friday, March 23, 2007

Tourism? In Alabama?

Good news for beer lovers in Alabama.
Bill would benefit city brewery with gourmet brew.

The hops have been freed - at least by the Alabama House Travel and Tourism Committee
The panel voted unanimously on a voice vote Wednesday to send a bill to the House floor that would permit the sale of beer with more than double the alcohol content that state law now allows.


The bill would also eliminate a law that limits the size of beer containers to 16 ounces.
Humm, what's this missing here?
The only opposition came from the Rev. Dan Ireland, executive director of Alabama Citizens Action Program.

Ireland said introducing the higher alcohol-content beers would only add to the problem of alcoholism.

"I'm talking about a very real problem and I hope you recognize it as a very real problem," he said. "I'm concerned about saving the kids. In this country, there is a problem with drinking and driving."
The children, of course...Think of the Alabamian kids who have avoided drinking up to this point, because the selection of the beer offered at their local Food Lion didn't meet their high standards. They have been demanding, "I want MY Belgian Beer!!!!"

I also found this snippet amusing: [emphasis mine]
Danner Kline, who operates the "Free the Hops" Web site, said the state is losing thousands of dollars in tax money because its residents are driving to Florida, Georgia and Tennessee to buy the specialty beers. He said it's also losing out on tourism trade.
Thousands of dollars? Wow, that's a lot of money. It's like a million dollars or something. Full article here. Free the Hops website here.

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