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Friday, March 30, 2007

Turns Sour to Sweet

Libertarian wunderkind and Renaissance Man Jacob Grier gets written up (subscription only) in today's Wall Street Journal.
Today’s center column on the front page of the Wall Street Journal is all about this blog’s favorite berry, miracle fruit. I held a tasting of the fruit for friends a few weeks ago. In a weird sequence of events, what I expected to be a small group of foodies turned into a sizeable party, and one of the guests was none other than the reporter writing this article. The night’s festivities are covered in the opening of the story. The offbeat center column of the Journal has always been one of my favorite features in the paper, so it’s bit of a thrill being in it.

The article, which is only available to subscribers, has lots of fascinating new info about the fruit. Of special interest is the inside scoop on the murky regulatory standing of miraculin...
Alas, for that, you'll have to head over to Jacob's blog, Eternal Recurrence. Or you could head over to Eat Foo, the savory, sidebar-link-if-they'd-udpate-more DC foodie group blog for which he also toils.

Finally, having tried the very miracle fruit that is the focus of this article -- Jacob had Minerva and me eating limes and lemons like they were candy -- I should warn you to take the whole sour-to-sweet thing with a grain of salt. Jacob's also a magician -- literally: he pulls rabbits and stuff out of hats -- and this may just be his way of fucking with everyone.

Update: No WSJ subscription needed here.