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Friday, March 09, 2007

Unforced Error

I enjoyed this one. From Leadville, Colorado:
At least once a year, counties are required to publish in local papers (under the heading of legal or public notices) lists of expenses. The [drug] informant was, at Holte's direction, supposed to be listed under "road and bridge employees." Instead he was listed as a sheriff's employee. It was the fault of the county clerk and recorder's office, not the newspaper.


Believing the undercover operation had been destroyed that night, Holte, his deputies and Leadville police obtained warrants before midnight. Within a few hours, they had arrested 11 suspects in the drug ring. Three others named in warrants fled town that night.


The money to pay the informant came from a state grant, Holte said. The county will probably get the grant again, he said, meaning more undercover operations are likely.


"A big cocaine ring like this is unusual," she [local newspaper editor] said. "Up here it's usually pot. I can't remember how many photos we've run of deputy sheriffs with a big plant under each arm."
Full article here.

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