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Friday, March 02, 2007

When in Doubt Blame Everyone Else

Washington Times article from yesterday's paper.
The United States said today that top anti-terror allies Afghanistan, Pakistan and Colombia had fallen short in the war on drugs despite enhanced counter-narcotics efforts, and it criticized perennial foes Iran, North Korea and Venezuela for not cooperating.
Yeah guys, its your fault we can't control the demand for these drugs in our own country.
In its annual global survey of the drug war, the department said massive opium poppy production in Afghanistan, long the world's top producer of the main ingredient for heroin, continued to pose a major threat due to its links with groups such as the Taliban.
"Afghanistan's huge drug trade undercuts efforts to rebuild the economy and develop a strong democratic government based on the rule of law," the department said in the 2007 International Narcotic Control Strategy Report.
"There is strong evidence that narcotics trafficking is linked to the Taliban insurgency. These links between drug traffickers and anti-government forces threaten regional stability."
Humm. So we should continue our current strategy of eradication which pumps up the price of opium, therefore giving the terrorist even higher profits? What am I missing in this equation, because nowhere have I seen a coherent argument for why we don't just buy the crops of the Afghan farmers. We spend billions doing the same for staple type crops in the U.S., why not do the same for them if this is such a massive global problem? Ideally the purchased crops could be used to help reduce the shortage of pharmaseutical opiates, but if that's too much to handle just destroy them. All I'm asking is we destroy the poppies after we give the poor guy trying to make a living a fair value for his crop. Too much to ask for?

The problems in Afgahnistan have been steadily getting more play in the media; so maybe someone has/will make a honest argument for why we can't export our horriable subsidies to that mess of a nation. Hardly the perfect solution, but it seems to me(and many other folks) like a realistic and viable one given how misareably the West has been failing in the past few years in that region of the world.

Full article here.

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