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Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Abstinence Only" Fed Official Quits Over Escort Flap

Today the Wa Post reported that Randall Tobias, deputy secretary of state for US foreign aid, quit abruptly when his name surfaced in a Washington escort scandal. The Wa Post failed to mention in its story something that Slate picked up:
neither ABC News nor the Post reported one highly relevant detail: Tobias is the Bush administration's leading advocate of abstinence-only programs abroad!
The Slate article provides a detailed quote from Tobias extolling the benefits of abstinence on Frontline that is very fun to read.

I love this escort scandal already and it is only going to get better as accused Jeane Palfrey starts to name names. On her web site, Palfrey also fingers Harland Ullman, former US Navy commander and the inventor of "shock and awe." Some more DC bigwigs are in for just that.

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