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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Adrian: Way More Chill Than That Creepy Jared Guy

I'm not a fan of Quizno's subs, but I think it's pretty cool that this here kai-yoat, nicknamed Adrian, is...
The coyote that walked into a downtown Chicago submarine shop Tuesday afternoon was to be taken today to the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation refuge in Barrington, where he may be released later in the day.

[Toasty Ellipsis]

This morning, employees of the Quiznos visited the coyote, bringing him a prime rib sandwich on garlic bread. But Animal Care and Control veterinarians rejected the offering.

"I understand," Bina Patel, manager of the sandwich shop, said today. "There are no prime ribs out in the wild."
Mo' here. Fo' Chi-Zell.