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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Berlusconi is Money

From the Guardian:[emphasis mine]
Silvio Berlusconi's famously stormy marriage looked as though it was heading back into choppy waters yesterday, two months after his wife humiliated him into a public apology for flirting with TV showgirls.

An Italian magazine announced it was to publish photographs of the media tycoon relaxing with no less than five young women at his Sardinian villa. In one picture he is shown with a girl on each knee. In others, he is seen walking hand in hand with one or more of his guests.


The photos are likely to refuel a debate about the interaction between paparazzi and public figures in a country where politicians have been discreetly protected. Oggi, which is published by the same group as Corriere della Sera, was criticised last month for failing to publish photos showing the spokesman for Romano Prodi's centre-left government talking to a transvestite streetwalker from inside his car
Cheap trannys, beautiful young Italian women -- what's not to like about Italian politics?

Via The Corner, where Andrew Studdaford points out that Berlusconi is 70 years old. Brilliant. Full article here.

Note: Interestingly enough, when you do a google image search for "Berlusconi" the first pic is a full frontal, of what appears to be the former prime minister. See for yourself.

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