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Friday, April 13, 2007


My last Imus related post, or comment. I swear. But I had to link to Radley Balko's take on the whole affair because it's that good. The entire thing is worth a read, but I'll excerpt this pertinent piece.
[...]But this is where I start to have a problem. The lefty activists are now moving into "it's more than just Imus" mode, in which they're fishing through archives of talk show hosts with whom they have political disagreements in an effort to get them silenced. I have no love for Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. And yeah, they do occasionally say dumb things I find offensive, and that are probably tinged with bigotry. But I would find any efforts to shut them up a hell of a lot more offensive than anything they could say on the air. Reminds me of the time the Clinton White House tried to smack right-wing radio over the head with the Oklahoma City Bombing. Drudge also reported the other day that many activist groups were protesting Imus to the FTC, as well, a'la Brent Bozell. Note to my lefty friends: When you're imitating Brent Bozell, you're doing something wrong.

This is bad news. The danger here is that the left is eventually able to use racism or perceived racism as cudgel with which to smack and silence anyone who disagrees with them on political issues tangentially related to race. That's dangerous some dangerous stuff.
Bingo. He makes the slippery slope point perfectly. The only thing I would add, or take issue with in Balko's post, is that comedy is an art form in as much as hip-hop is. Its first priority, like that of music, is to entertain, but that is hardly the only role for comedy in a society. It makes you think in the same way that a picture on a wall could, or lyrics in a song. But it doesn't get judged in that way. Of course, sometimes it does, ie the Chappelle Show, where mainstream media had a flowing orgasm with his bits, describing them as important "social commentary." My concern--I don't want special interest groups, or "concerned citizens" debating what I can laugh at, what type of comedian is allowed to make certain jokes, who is really funny, or maybe just really racist. Let everyone say everything and we can make up our own minds.

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