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Monday, April 23, 2007

Chronicle Writer Chronicles Use of The Chronic

San Francisco Chronicle writer David Rubien writes a very good first-person account of his decision to seek out medical marijuana to treat a repetitive-stress condition.
[A dispensary worker] recommended sativa for my RSI, but I told him I tried the bud from HopeNet and found it to be too strong. It may be fun to chill with on a Saturday night, when I don't notice the arm pain so much anyway, but it wouldn't do me any good during the workweek.

"Try some tea, then," he said, offering me a selection of varieties from one of his edibles bins. "It's very light on THC."

Saturday rolled around, and I brewed up a cup and drank it. In a few minutes, I felt suffused with a sensation of well-being I would almost call narcotic, but my head was clear. I picked up a magazine and read it with no loss of comprehension. And -- voila -- the nagging pain in my shoulder was almost gone.

Amazing. Then I laughed, thinking how absurd it was that I could be arrested by the feds for this.
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