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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CU-Boulder's 'Little Churchills'

Remember University of Colorado-Boulder professor Ward Churchill? He's the apparent fraud who infamously referred to victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center as "little Eichmanns". Seems his savagery of innocent victims of mass murder is what passes for thoughtful discourse at Boulder.
A CU-Boulder student was arrested Tuesday for allegedly threatening his classmates during a discussion about the Virginia Tech massacre.

CU sophomore Max Karson was arrested after making several comments during a morning class in the journalism school that some classmates perceived as a direct, physical threat, according to Cmdr. Brad Wiesley of the CU Police Department.

Karson has been suspended from CU, according to his father, Michael Karson. CU-Boulder spokesman Bronson Hilliard could not confirm the suspension, citing privacy laws.

“He made comments along the lines that he could understand how somebody could be angry enough to kill 32 people,” Wiesley said. “He said that there were things about CU, the fact that the classroom walls were unpainted [and] the lighting in the classroom, were all things that were making him mad enough to do something.

“They felt, in their mind, there was a good chance he was capable of carrying out something, based on the threats that he made in the class,” Wiesley said.
More here and here. Karson's site here. Karson recently attacking a fellow Boulder idiot here.

Should Karson have been arrested for saying what he said? Based only on what Karson's alleged to have said above, absolutely not. There was no imminent or "direct physical threat" in what Karson said.

Should he be mercilessly ostracized by his peers for being a contemptible prick? Absolutely.

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