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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fanny Pack Season is Here, For Good and Bad

DC is known for its gorgeous Springs. Friends and relatives from all over the country and abroad are emailing me to ask if Spring is here, are the cherry blossoms out, etc. Yes and yes, it is all very beautiful, but in Spring another phylum also blossoms: the tourist.

When I travel, I try to be a cool tourist, and this is not hard to do. Rule number one is not to arrive on a diesel-spewing "Christian Tours" bus that idles for hours on Connecticut Avenue while its dazed herd takes in the sights. Tonight, driving by the Zoo, I saw the tourist masses with their baggy jeans and fanny packs.

Speaking of the Zoo, I love to watch the Mennonite tourists who frequent it in the summer. They are like the Amish, in fact I really don't know how they are different, but they are interesting to watch. Interesting in that you get to see what your life would be like if you had had five children by the age of 30. You and your Mennonite husband would be wildly overdressed for the heat, with mandated bonnets and hats, sweating, corralling the children before you get back on the bus to Pennsylvania, where you would get back to working the land and being confined to your gender roles.

The tourists give me grief but they also give me delight as I can rejoice that I am not one of them! I live here! Yahoo!

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