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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flag Burning + America-Hating + Military Conspiracy + College Students + Book Author + Muslims = Neocon Outrage!

This is a Michelle Malkin wet dream. I've put the highlights in bold for her and other jerk-kneed jingoists to facilitate their outrage.
Three Yale University students have been arrested on charges of setting fire to an American flag hanging from the porch of a Chapel Street home.

The three were arrested early Tuesday after police on patrol spotted the burning flag and tore it from the pole where it was mounted to the house, police said.

Said Hyder Akbar, 23, Nikolaos Angelopoulos, 19, and Farhad Anklesaria, also 19, were arrested on charges ranging from reckless endangerment to arson.

Angelopoulos and Anklesaria, who are two freshmen are both foreign citizens. Anklesaria is British and Angelopoulos is Greek.

Akbar, a senior, was born in Pakistan, according to police, but is a U.S. citizen. Both Anklesaria and Angelopoulos had to turn over their passports.

Akbar worked as an informal translator for U.S. forces during the invasion of Afghanistan and later published a memoir, "Come Back to Afghanistan," based on his experiences there, the Yale Daily News reported Wednesday.
Just flabbergasted Malkin hasn't served up these dudes' heads on a platter (for everything but the fact they should be prosecuted for trespassing, arson, and other property crimes) yet. Akbar's well received book here.