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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Fun-Time Links

I'm tweaking the post headline, but the content stays the same. Disturbing, humorous and educational, I bring you the Friday links.

Who would've thought the guy to the right would be caught hiding in a grade school bathroom?
GRAPEVINE, Texas -- Police said they have arrested a man who hid in both the boys and girls bathrooms of an elementary school for an hour on Thursday.


He admitted being in the school only to relieve himself," said Sgt. Bob Murphy of the Grapevine Police Department. "He didn't have an explanation for the hour he spent in the two restrooms."
How's that global War on Drugs going?
Drug traffickers are waging a highly effective publicity campaign in Mexico that began with a chilling show of brutality in Acapulco: two police officers' heads, streaming with blood, were stuck on metal spikes outside a downtown building with a fluorescent cardboard sign. "So that you learn to respect," it read in thick black letters
I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say not too well.

Somehow, Chicago finds something new to ban.

Doesn't this make news every 6 months or so? Gonorrhea, the new herpes.

Last, but certainly not least, Rich Lowry defends Imus...sorta.

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