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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hail the Libertarian Message in Diet Mountain Dew Ads

I just saw a Diet Mountain Dew ad on television that stunned and delighted me with its libertarian inferences. The set up is a SWAT team raiding an apartment building in New York. The ad is shot like a movie, with heavily armed police officers gathering outside and then storming up the stairwell and into the apartment. Inside the apartment is a guy crouching below his window with puppets on his fingers. He is doing a window puppet show.

The voice-over then says: "Fact: window puppet shows are illegal in New York City." It then says something about how surprised you will also be when you taste Diet Mountain Dew (I can't find the ad online so this is from memory).

I love that the ad points out that it is ridiculous (and scary) both that window puppet shows are illegal in New York and that a SWAT team could bring overwhelming force into your home for a minor offense.

A NY blogger had a post here.

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