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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Health Obsessed Baby Boomers Have Worse Health Than Their Parents

In a quiet victory for all of us Gen -Xers who have suffered the piety of the Baby Boomers infringing upon our liberties after they have enjoyed them, this is rich. They who preceded us loved freedom and fun when they were young and once they had kids and started driving minivans wanted to ban everything that they enjoyed, in the name of public health.

But despite all of the bans and public health concerns, the Baby Boomers are basically fat and prone to diabetes. In fact, they are much less healthy than their parents.
. As the first wave of baby boomers edges toward retirement, a growing body of evidence suggests that they may be the first generation to enter their golden years in worse health than their parents. While not definitive, the data sketch a startlingly different picture than the popular image of health-obsessed workout fanatics who know their antioxidants from their trans fats and look 10 years younger than their age.