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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hey, I'm Drunk

That may be the case, but this is still a disgustingly simple review to be in the U.S. "Paper of Record." I don't even have any funny lines--this is just a poorly done review.
He skates over other questionable matters, too: for instance, that Friedman advised the murderous Pinochet regime in Chile; that Merwin Hart “infected his free-market thought with anti-Semitism”; and that Rothbard supported Strom Thurmond’s segregationist campaign for president in 1948 (because, Doherty casually observes, “he admired Thurmond’s states’ rights position”). The book fails to ask why people who claim to love freedom have so often had a soft spot for those who would deny it to others. Libertarianism has now arrived at an interesting juncture. The moment for its grandest ambitions seems to have passed. President Bush is no longer talking about privatizing Social Security, and his free-market approach to rebuilding Iraq has proven disastrous
Free market approach to Iraq? I'm laughing at that. Do any readers even know what that means? And how is Chile doing as of today? Oh what's that? It's a jewel in a cesspool of Latin American shittiness....And that's overlooking the facts of Milton Friedman's actual involvement with the Chilean government. Like that the University of Chicago had an on-going relationship with the Catholic University of Chile and Friedman never actually was an adviser to Pinochet. My bad for just accepting those as common facts.

I'm about 200 pages in, and I'm enjoying Radicals for Capitalism. Leonhardt's objections are what I would expect from the New York Times.

Full review here.

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