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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey, Look. French Politics is Just as Stupid as American Politics

From the BBC:

Sarkozy in row about paedophiles


In a weekend interview for Philosophie magazine, Mr Sarkozy said he was "inclined to believe that people are born paedophiles, and it's also a problem that we don't know how to treat this pathology".


Centrist candidate Francois Bayrou, currently third in the polls behind Mr Sarkozy and Ms Royal, said Mr Sarkozy's comments about paedophiles were "terribly worrying" and "chilling".


Socialist candidate Segolene Royal said his view that some people were "born paedophiles" was "extremely serious".
I thought -- with that headline -- Sarkozy was coming out for pedophilia. I've talked about politicians fearing even coming close to the Drug War, but an association with pedophilia, maybe an endorsement from NAMBLA. Now that's a bold political move. Could it be dangerous? Or could it be dangerously amazing?

In other news...Why haven't we had a pedophilia tag before now?? And does the British spelling read classier than the American?? And how long until the feds confiscate my hard-drive?? Yuck, I wouldn't even want the job of going through the nightmare that is my hard-drive. The files...Oh the files they would find...

Full article here.

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