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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How Not to Convince People: Demonize Their Choices

Which side do I join??

I spend many hours with my favorite lagers, stouts, and ales. I'm well known as the guy who is constantly carrying a tumbler of Jameson (I go Bushmills if with a Catholic crowd; I'm a respectful traveler), stumbling around, calling hipsters cunts and getting punched in the face by English women, American women, my mom, etc.

On the other hand we have pot. Oh pot. Pregnant porn, granny porn, bestiality porn...Would I have found these genres (as quickly) if not for you? Or those times smoking hashish with the Afghani and/or the Pakistani (honestly who knows where those guys are from...all I hear is mountains and I spend the next hour nodding at everything they say). Would have never happened without marijuana. Oh, and I forgot midget porn. And that hole in the locker-room of the H.S. soccer-team that I coached. Well, that doesn't have anything to do with pot. But boy am I glad I found that hole. Am I ever. Did I ever fill it. Ah...the memories

Nick Gillespie highlights the battle, I've blogged about the intellectual stupidity of using the argument...We bring you Modern Drunkard vs. SAFER.

P.S. As I said, I've blogged on this before, so I'll leave the substance for another day, but check out some of the comments at Hit&Run. Too many are cheering on SAFER's propaganda as a fair counter to the Drug Warriors propaganda. Bullshit.

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