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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Couldn't Post this Fast Enough

Just when you thought teacher unions couldn't repulse you more than they already do, they throw shit like this out there.[emphasis mine]

The head of the Baltimore Teachers Union called the city school system's contract proposal for teachers and aides "insulting, degrading and downright disrespectful" last night as about 40 union members rallied outside a school board meeting and accused the board of failing to negotiate in good faith.


"These negotiations have been an insult to us," said Marietta English, co-president of the union. "What they're asking is ridiculous."

At the rally, she led chants of "enough is enough." She compared the system's treatment of teachers to the way slaves were treated, saying, "What happened on the plantation when the slaves had enough?"
Well, not only were slaves not paid and beaten at their masters call; and let's not forget that they were called slaves because they weren't free, you know, to make any choices about their life. They also worked during the summer months...picking cotton in sweltering heat, again, against their will and with out compensation. But never mind all that, being asked to work an extra 55 minutes a day (one of the sticking points in the negotiation) is tantamount to American slavery. Great analogy.

What else are they all fired up about?
English said she is also furious about the involuntary transfers of several teachers and aides at five schools being run under a new partnership with Towson University.

Towson officials said that about 60 teachers at the five schools -- four in Cherry Hill and one in Morrell Park -- have been asked to transfer or are volunteering to go to other schools next year because they are not meeting Towson's goals for reform.
In arguments regrading improving our schools, the ability and current lack of ability to fire underperforming teachers is often dismissed as something that would prove to be a minor improvement. I'm not sure about that. But what I do know, is that the unions always choose those battles to fight the hardest.

Full article here.

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