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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I-Fi, You-Fi, We All Fi (In Our Cars, Outside Some Sucker's House)

The only thing more inane than the length people will go to "steal" wi-fi is the lengths police will go to intimidate these folks.
Two people have been cautioned for using people's wi-fi broadband internet connections without permission.

Neighbours in Redditch, Worcestershire, contacted police on Saturday after seeing a man inside a car using a laptop while parked outside a house.

He was arrested and cautioned. A woman was arrested in similar circumstances in the town earlier this month.
More here. If only there was some solution to this scourge. Like if people only had some way to lock out wi-fi "thieves". If only. If only...
West Mercia Police said people with wi-fi should follow security advice given by their internet provider.

ISPs recommend that wi-fi users secure their wireless networks.
I steal radio. I drive around in my car and turn the channel and listen to free music on these things called "stations".