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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Heart Rick Berman & Co.

Rick Berman, head of the badass Berman & Co. -- which has founded edgy nonprofits like the Center for Consumer Freedom and the Center for Union Facts -- was featured in a great segment on 60 Minutes on Sunday night. I don't watch 60 Minutes, but when I spoke with my liberal mom last night she urged me to watch the segment while positively gushing about how effective Berman's anti-nanny-state message was to her. Considering that she's exactly the audience Berman's work is intended to sway educate, that's a good thing.

The irony of it all: Berman was interviewed by Morley Safer.

More on Berman here. Catch the full interview, a transcript-y thing, and some of Berman & Co.'s great ads here. My favorite Berman-produced ad is below.

Full disclosure: I did a bit of work a couple of years ago on Berman's Madd at GM campaign.