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Monday, April 09, 2007

Imus's Grease Man Moment

Is it normal to feel like you've just finished a snuff film after one of the Bachelor episodes?

It's not a altogether bad feeling, but it definitely has a end-of-the world type feel to it. This is coming from me folks, tough to creep me out. But this does the job.

How does Imus offend people with a Spike Lee movie reference, but the Bachelor gets nothing? Impossible. And why are you apologizing Imus? Defend yourself instead of giving in to self-righteous activist. It was a movie reference that had to have crossed a few minds. It was the racial joke of a 60 year old man; which is damn good because he is like 67. Whatever, not all jokes are home-runs.

One day we will all be sensitive and enlightened to a point where it will become unnecessary to even discuss certain delicate topics. It will be a much better place then. When do we start to round the bigots and racist up into a camp somewhere!

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