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Friday, April 20, 2007

Is New York About to Adopt Congestion Pricing?

Mayor Bloomberg is proposing congestion pricing for most of Manhattan, with an $8 toll charged for entering. About a year ago London introduced congestion pricing to a small area known as The City, but recently vastly expanded the toll area. How surprising that the reach of the tax man has expanded so quickly and beyond the promises of limits that allowed the government power to happen in the first place.

I have mixed feelings on congestion pricing. Pricing is good when it is the market at work, but it is usually abused and endlessly encroaching when it is the government at work.

More important, I hate what Bloomberg has done to New York. A Reuters story headline that reported this news read: "NYC Hopes Green Plan Will Spread Like Smoking Ban." So Bloomberg has turned once free-wheeling, creative and super-fun NY into San Francisco on the East Coast without the weather and the hills and the great views.

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