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Friday, April 20, 2007

It's a Good Bunch Today

I won't even count the Alec Baldwin voicemail as a Friday link, and I'm still confident in this weeks batch. Let's dive right in..

What was Paul McCartney thinking?
Heather Mills has taken her one-woman show to the skies.

The Dancing With The Stars contestant performed an impromptu mid-air dance act in a failed attempt to entertain fellow passengers.

During a flight from LA to London, the literally captive audience were subjected to the routine after Virgin Atlantic's in-flight entertainment system failed to work, according to a report in London's Metro.
Because if I had one leg, that's what I'd want to do, dance on a plane. Do you think she made three passengers from the "crowd" be the stand-in-judges?? And pick someone else to hum a tune?? Also, how depressing that I've watched Dancing with the Stars enough to know that there are 3 judges...

Alcohol makes fruit a more healthy food. Good to hear. It's about time I had a better excuse than, "It's ever so tasty!" when ordering a Kiss Goodnight. And I love it when the Reuters guys try to make a joke.
The study did not address whether adding a little cocktail umbrella enhanced the effects.
Witty to say the least.

Yale theatre decides they're not gay enough; figures banning life-like weapons during an upcoming presentation of "Red Noses" will do the job. Depiction of death by hanging on stage --- Don't worry, that's still OK.

Check out these guys and there their impeccable doucheness. Let them brief you on the harms of marijuana and genetic foods. Then when you have become completely confused as to what things from the earth are good for you, and what things from the earth are bad from you; move on to learning why man blows as a species.

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