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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The McGreevey Effect

Is your husband a queer? Not sure? How could you be. I mean, it's not like the HIV or something; who knows who has the gay?

ABC Pointless Story Division News knows how you can tell if your husband likes the cock, and shares their tips with us. These are exact excerpts folks.
  • If your husband thinks you are a nymphomaniac or "pushy and aggressive" because you want sex twice a week.

  • If your husband is turned off by the thought of touching your vaginal area or performing oral sex on you.

  • If his best friend is gay.

  • If he hangs out in gay bars.

  • If he enjoys watching gay porn movies and surfing gay porn Web sites.

  • If he brags about gay men complimenting him on his looks.
Is it like ADD, if I hit 4 out of 6 can I be classified as gay? And what about those last 4. This list reminds me of those horrible money saving tips you see online and in print media. Tip 1: Save more money than you were before. Tip 2: Stay out of debt. Genius. I'd never thought of those before. You mean if my husband, after going out to Leather Larry's Hide-A-Way, comes home and spends a few hours surfing the net for videos of cum-slurping men, that he MIGHT, just might be gay? Wow, now that you put it like that...

But always remember this before you rush to accusations:
Buston is skeptical that there are clear signs of gayness. "Straight men like to cook and decorate and there are gay men who like to do construction work so it's hard to generalize like that."
Full article here.

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