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Friday, April 13, 2007

Must-See TV: 'Fat Teens Can’t Hunt'

More important than the fact the sun comes up every day, I'm grateful The Sun comes out each day. Else we'd miss stuff like this:
THE BBC is set to cause outrage with a reality show that makes porky kids a laughing stock — by forcing them to hunt for food.

Ten youngsters will be sent to live with Aboriginal tribesmen in Australia for a month in Fat Teens Can’t Hunt.

They have to follow the strict rules of the Aborigines — so if they want to eat, they must feast on plants, grasses and fruits as well as trap, kill and cook any animals or insects they find.

If they do not tuck into the traditional tucker, they go without.

Cameras will follow the group’s attempts to locate food in the baking sun of the Australian bush.


“This experiment gives our teenagers a unique opportunity to address their dysfunctional relationship with food once and for all before they reach adulthood.”

The BBC3 series will be filmed this summer and producers are looking for ten overweight teens prepared to be filmed around the clock.

It follows Channel 4 plans for a similar show, which will force participants to source food from a rubbish dump.
More here. If you're a morbidly obese wannabe celeb Brit, you must click here.

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