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Thursday, April 12, 2007

NPR -- Part 1

Whew. I was worried for a moment when I first saw the NPR series, that it might do a fair job in covering both sides of the issue. That worry quickly dissipated as I came to realize that they didn't even present an opposing view for reform. Good news: They couldn't misrepresent reformers. Bad news: A reader or listener wouldn't even know another side existed.

The Walters piece is a great example. Critical piece, everyone is blasting the Drug Czar. Except -- and it's a big except in this case -- everyone who is criticizing him is in fact, just more of a lunatic and thinks the guy should be leading a more resolute charge against drugs in our country. Welcome to bizarro world my friends. Not one voice to attack his revolting attempts to crush local democratic processes, or his hand in making marijuana public enemy #1.

This is the problem with the whole NPR series, and the drug problem discussion in general. Everything about the War on Drugs in failing, but they don't give a line of space to what potential reforms, radical or not, that could be looked to for relief from this war.

Same idea, diferent rant: I seriously wonder how libertarians, free marketeers, etc; that small segment of the population who believes in market solutions to most any problem, are considered irrational nuts. Yet, every time we utilize a market approach it actually works. Then people say "well yeah the market can work here, but it wouldn't work for education, or drugs..etc." Blows my mind how you can be correct so often, but yet, respect for the ideas that have proven themselves to be correct seems to be non-existent.

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