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Monday, April 16, 2007

One More Reason to Restrict My Dating to Invalids and Seniors

From the Post -- wait, actually the NYT....Or is it the Post? No never mind, I think it is the Post doing its best NYT impression. [emphasis mine]
The hot spot du jour of Manhattan nightlife looms large over Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, where crowds of stylish YoCos -- young cosmopolitans -- were jostling inside one evening last week for the right to pay the $15 cover.


"We've both been going to bars and clubs less because events like these are more provocative," said Paul Torres, an MTV producer holding hands with his girlfriend of eight months, IT manager Amy Stemmler, also 30. Recent dates have included a museum crawl at MoMA and a discussion titled "Was the 20th Century a Mistake?" by German director Werner Herzog.
Unless Herzog is shamelessly taking advantage of a flamboyantly homophobic, closeted homosexual having been eaten alive by a grizzly bear; I have no time for him. Which, incidentally, Grizzly Man makes for a much better first date then you might think. Just take out an improvisational re-creation of the mauling, which, in retrospect might not have been the smartest move at the time. I was going for the fences -- big laughs folks, big laughs.
If Woody Allen were Cupid, one of his romantic inventions might be a New York singles spelling bee night with categories including "sex," "medical conditions" and "uncomfortable things."


"One guy had to spell 'chlamydia' and then 'erectile dysfunction' -- and he got both right," Lemesh said. With a chuckle, he added, "But then the women have to worry about a man [who] knows how to spell 'chlamydia.'"
Something tells me that at a spelling bee/singles mixer; running into a guy with chlamydia should be the last thing for a female attendee to worry about. Full article here.

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