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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Other 20% Must Be Shit

Blogs are known to be a free-for-all for "expressive" content, but according to a new report by ScanSafe, a vast majority of blogs host content that is considered "offensive" and potentially "unwanted." ScanSafe's Monthly "Global Threat Report" for March 2007 says that up to 80 percent of blogs host offensive content, ranging from "adult language" to pornographic images. The company suggests that businesses should be aggressive about preventing users from accessing some or all of this material. And of course, they'd hope that you'd use their products to do so.
This comes via Instapundit who says:
From what I can tell, the Taliban have fled Afghanistan and now run the Human Resources and IT departments at major American corporations.

As a relatively fresh entry into the labor market, this has been a particular peeve of mine. Businesses can make just about any rule they want about who works for them, and what they do during their working hours -- I believe in that. However, there is a separate discussion as to whether all this nannying that modern employers do is a good thing or not. I don't think it is, and I think the companies that are the worst offenders suffer, by forcing a lot of talented and creative types out the door because of these kind of policies.

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