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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The 'Other' 'Other Russia'

From Moscow comes (NSFW) a new form of group protest, writes Publius Pundit.
Apparently the group[, led by performance artist Oleg Kulik,] was inspired to enact their own unique sort of protest action by mounting a mattress on the roof of a car and then driving it through the streets of Moscow while copulating after witnessing the Moscow protest action last weekend led by dissident politicians Garry Kasparov and Mikhail Kasynanov as the "Other Russia" coalition. It seems they wanted to emphasize the "make-love-not-war" theme in the most visceral manner possible.

According to the participants, they received a much more "sympathetic" response from the local police than was the case in regard to Kasparov's forces; the cops they passed only laughed and waived. Wisely, it seems, the participants somehow managed to refrain from referring to Vladmir Putin at all...
Publius Pundit, by the way, shares both Rob's enthusiasm for Yulia Tymoshenko and Catallarchy's love of the Hotties of the Cedar Revolution.