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Monday, April 09, 2007

Selfish Monday Morning Sports Post

Here's what I'm reading this morning:

D.C. United looks sluggish in their first MLS game, losing to the Rapids. Note: It was below 30 deg and the guys have looked otherwise prepared throughout pre-season competition.

United President and CEO will be doing a live chat at the Post, starting at 11:00am.

Fascinating article, again in the Post, chronicling the off-season moves of United, and their Latin American recruiting efforts. The whole article is worth a read if you're an American soccer fan, but since I'm guessing I'll get no more than two clicks through this link, I want to provide the money snippets here.
On the upbeat attitude of the recently acquired Brazilian, Fred:
"He understands the American culture, he's intrigued by it -- all he wants to talk about is the Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's." Kasper said, laughing. "But his goal was to get a player here."
On the Europeans:
"Generally we feel the European market is grossly overvalued for what the players deliver," club president Kevin Payne said. "We have found that Brazilians and Argentines have a great ethic. They are not mercenaries. It appears a number of European players have come here for the payday. They tend to come with the idea that the league is not very good."
He's exactly right about focusing on Latin America. The talent a MLS team can grab from Europe will either be -- a) Mediocre men for the back or b) Old and mediocre men for up front. And you will be paying a premium in both cases. As for the MLS blowing attitude. I'm past getting peeved when confronted with it. Most cases, the critic hasn't even watched a league game, he just feels justified in making the increasingly non-trendy statement that American soccer is bad. It can be ugly at times, but it is far from shitty soccer.

Ever wonder what happened to the "Jewish Jordan"? He was all the rage in the Baltimore-D.C. area a few years back. No, still don't care? Yeah, me neither. But the Sun did and decided to send one of their "foreign reporters" (I thought they had canned them all?) to Israel to do a piece on Tamir Goodman and his fall from basketball glory.

Update: This post has some edits to it; due to the fact that I fail to be competent enough to use the blogger spell check. Should I be embarrassed that I can't spell "Israel" and "throughout" without the aide of spell check? Perhaps. Then again I also thought I had pleased a large lady the other night, when in fact it turns out she was merely sleeping....and snoring loudly. So whatever, I'll try to master the art of spell check.

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