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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sure You Won't Lose Weight, But It's Still Fun

I guess I haven't been keeping up with my breast-feeding and obesity news. I didn't know that the conventional wisdom was that they we're linked somehow. So a recent report challenging this conventional wisdom is totally unexpected.
While breast-feeding has many benefits, it won't prevent a child from becoming fat as an adult, says a new study that challenges dogma from U.S. health officials.

The research is the largest study to date on breast-feeding and its effect on adult obesity.

"I'm the first to say breast-feeding is good. But I don't think it's the solution to reducing childhood or adult obesity," said the study's lead author, Karin Michels of Harvard Medical School.

More here. Related in only a dirty-old-man kind of way is news that Jaime Pressly's breasts are ballooning from her pregnancy. She says, "When my milk comes in, I'm going to be able to feed a small village." I'll be the first in line. More on that story here.

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