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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

'Test Monkey'? Isn't He the Angels' Mascot?

Doug Supernaw, a country singer who scored a hit covering the Kenny Rogers song "I Don't Call Him Daddy," is in a bit of legal trouble.
In a pretrial hearing, Supernaw, 46, listed off police agencies that he said had beaten him to ruin his recording career and his chances at a baseball career.

"It has been a political economic conspiracy, and I have proved it time and time and time again," he told Brazos County Court Judge Jim Locke. Supernaw said the abuse started when he was "held hostage in Paris" in a "mentally retarded home for terrorists" for two weeks in 2002.

Locke sent the jury pool home after the statements from Supernaw, who also claimed that he was a "test monkey" to see if someone could smoke marijuana and play baseball at the same time.
I want in on that whole test monkey thing. Me, Supernaw, and pot-pancake pitching pioneer Bill Lee having a game of catch. More here.