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Monday, April 02, 2007

Tony Blair is Gay

Not homosexual gay or happy gay; but awful gay. Like wearing slacks without a belt gay, or George Bush gay. Like "that's so gay" gay. And yes I know criticizing people for not dressing right makes me sound gay. Homosexual gay. And making fun of the word gay could get me arrested in England. Or put under strict curfew. Which is why Tony Blair is so gay. But not as gay as Vladimir Putin (he he, Putin, what a fun name to say) who is no longer inching but galloping towards Stalin gay. Interestingly, a google search for "Stalin" and "gay" finds this 2002 BBC News story about the Russia government prosecuting a novelist for writing about a fictional homosexual relationship between Stalin and Khrushchev. A search for "gay" and "tony blair" turns up this excellent music video from a few years ago making fun of him and George Bush. There's an interesting wikipedia page on the history and evolution of the words gay and ghey here. The latter is what I'm supposed to use when saying things like Ann Coulter's offensive comments are so ghey; but would you know what I mean? No. That's because ghey is gay. Like Lou Dobbs gay. God that man is a douche bag. I'm proud to say that my post entitled "Ron Paul on Douche Bag Lou Dobbs' Show, Minue the Douche Bag" is the first and second thing to pop up on a google search for "Lou Dobbs" and "douche bag".

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