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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Death, and Another Death, and Another Death

It keeps getting worse: [emphasis mine]

Three men were killed in separate incidents last night and early this morning, pushing the pace of homicides in Baltimore to an average of one a day in May.

Law enforcement officials attribute at least part of the violence to drug turf battles and an increase in gang rivalries. In many cases, police and prosecutors complain that victims and witnesses are reluctant to cooperate with investigators, and instead settle scores outside of the city's criminal justice system.
Community leaders are reluctant at best to point the finger at the Drug War. Instead they talk about a culture of violence that has created young men and boys that solve every dispute or problem by picking up a gun and shooting the other person. I think they miss the point entirely. To begin with when you actually look at the murders, most are turf related or due retribution -- because of talking to the cops, or gang disputes. Either way, both are entirely caused from drugs. Think The Wire. It may be a television show, but it's awful scary how close to real world Baltimore it comes.

As for a culture of violence I don't dispute that fact. But where did this culture of violence come from? It has to be the Drug War. It's like plopping a bunch of hardened child soldiers from Africa into a civilized city and expecting them to act like responsible, non-violent members of society. Why would they? It's not a perfect analogy of course, but it's not far off. The sad thing is that this isn't some civil war ravaged, African nation. It's a mid-major city in the richest country in the world. These kids should have a chance and it's a shame for us to take that away all just because we want to stop people from getting high. Full article here.

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