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Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogger's Dilemma: Ridicule a Paper or Bush?

Why not both? This is the headline/link on the Sun's front page:
Bush predicts more deaths in Iraq
Congress passes $120 billion emergency war spending bill with no timetable for Iraq withdrawal
Really? More deaths? Color me naive. I just figured summertime in Iraq was like Brazil in July. They shut down the country for a month and everyone takes their holiday in Disney World. Papers and politicians can really open your eyes.

From the article itself:
President Bush and top military officials predicted yesterday that casualties in Iraq will accelerate between now and September, when a much anticipated deadline arrives for assessing the results of a troop buildup that Congress has finally agreed to pay for.

Iraqi insurgents will try to "kill as many innocent people as they can to try to influence the debate here at home," Bush said. "And so, yeah, it could be a bloody - it could be a very difficult August."
These guys don't inspire much confidence, do they?

And not to be missed:
Despite the president's objections, the legislation included Hurricane Katrina and drought relief, money for children's health insurance and the first federal minimum wage increase since 1997. The bill also includes money for Maryland construction projects related to realignment of military bases. Bush has indicated he will sign the legislation.
Bets on how long we keep funneling money down south for "Hurricane Katrina Relief"? Where's Coolidge when you need him....Better yet, where are American citizens from the 1920's when you need them....(see #5 at the bottom of the Time article)

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