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Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Explanation For Why You Hate Teenagers

The Wa Post today had an article that outlined why, exactly, I hate children and teenagers. Um, they just seem so stupid and vapid and now that it is summer they tie up the Starbucks line with their complex frappuccino orders.

They also ring up huge text messaging bills, sending one another thousands of pointless messages each month. One teen in Bethesda rang up $1,100 in extra charges.
"It's whatever pops into my head. There's no stopping it," she said. "Sometimes I'll be on the phone with someone and I get texted, and then I'm having two conversations at once."

Last month the Washington high school junior used 6,807 text messages, which, at a rate of 15 cents apiece for most of them, pushed the family's Verizon Wireless bill to more than $1,100 for the month. Sofia knew she'd been texting a lot but couldn't believe the "incredible" number she hit. "I just thought, oh my God, my life is over," she said.
OMG! All of the families profiled in the article gave up and increased their monthly plans to accomodate the texting rather than telling their teens that possibly they should show some restraint. I can't wait to have to deal with these teens in the workforce.