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Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Links

Canada set to release a new $1 million coin and their new slogan.."Canada -- Who Cares if We Can't Defend Our Own Country; At Least We Have a Really Big Coin."

Newsflash: State Troopers out to get taxpayers/drivers. Bonus: Troopers dumb enough to write about plans for vindictive, post-Corzine accident, ticketing blitz on a message board.

It looks as though someone in the Adminstration finally outlined for Bush what a veto is and how you go about...using one. This time around, the hate crimes bill.

UK Labour Party --- We're just like Thatcher!

Treasury chief Gordon Brown — Blair's likely successor — had some cause for optimism, Williams said. "Margaret Thatcher's Tories used to suffer hellish beatings in midterm local polls in the 1980s," he said. "But every time, they stormed back to victory in national elections."
My Baltimore fix:

Relocating to the Baltimore-DC are because of BRAC? The state wants you to move to the ever-shrinking, (but at least I can always find parking) city of Baltimore. And they're looking for incentives to bring you here.

Crazy idea. Why not draw people here by, say, going after the astronomical murder rate in the city? You know, attempt to fix the things that might keep someone from moving to the city in the first place. Just an idea.

I'll leave you with this snippet from the above linked Exmainer piece, quoting a letter written by State Delagate Jill Carter (D). Recieved quite a bit of local attention.
“Baltimore or Baghdad: Which is the greater American tragedy?” Carter’s letter asks. “As of March 19, 2007, violence has claimed the lives of 47 Americans in Baghdad since the start of the year. During the same period, violence claimed 61 lives in Baltimore, Maryland — most due to gunshot wounds. Thousands marched this past weekend to end the loss of life in Baghdad. By contrast, the cry of outrage in Baltimore has barely risen to the level of a whisper

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