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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

George Tenent Hates America

I'm sure zero of TtP's readers were going to anyways.....but, don't bother buying Tenet's book. I'm not actually giving this review based upon my own reading of the book. God no. You think I can afford $30 for his book? Please. That's a blow job from a decent tranny. Or, if you prefer, two blow jobs from slightly questionable trannys. What's a questionable tranny? To steal the old cliche..."You know one when you see it."

Rich Lowry had a fairly good breakdown of the new book on The Corner yesterday. However, if two National Review links in as many days proves to be too many for you, then check out the Christopher Hitchens review.

From the Slate piece: [emphasis mine]
I only mean to say that it was a very favorably disposed chronicler who wrote this, in describing Tenet's reaction on the terrible morning of Sept. 11, 2001:

"This has bin Laden all over it," Tenet told Boren. "I've got to go." He also had another reaction, one that raised the real possibility that the CIA and the FBI had not done all that could have been done to prevent the terrorist attack. "I wonder," Tenet said, "if it has anything to do with this guy taking pilot training."


A highly irritating expression in Washington has it that "hindsight is always 20-20." Would that it were so. History is not a matter of hindsight and is not, in fact, always written by the victors. In this case, a bogus history is being offered by a real loser whose hindsight is cockeyed and who had no foresight at all.

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