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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Thought I was Being Clever with My Code Word -- Diaphragm

[Emphasis mine]
A settlement has been reached in the federal lawsuit filed by a former Nazareth Area High School student whose cell phone was confiscated in class by a suspicious teacher, school district attorney Andria Saia said.


According to the suit, technology teacher Shawn Kimberly Kocher confiscated Klump's cell phone, which was on his lap. Kocher and Assistant Principal Margaret Grube then allegedly used the phone to call other students, listened to voice messages and read text messages.

The Klumps allege Grube made the calls because Christopher Klump's girlfriend sent a suspicious text message while it was in their possession saying she needed a tampon. District officials believed that was code for marijuana. But cell phone records show Christopher Klump received that message the day before his phone was confiscated, the suit says.

According to the lawsuit, Superintendent Victor Lesky made defamatory statements to local media to justify Grube and Kocher's actions suggesting Christopher was selling or using drugs.
It's good to be reminded every now and then, just how greasy some of these public servants are who serve our children. Full story here.

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