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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'd Like to Shake this Man's Hand...Wait..Actually Scratch That

From the New York Post, emphasis all mine:
A woman who used her cellphone to photograph a man exposing himself on the subway implored city lawmakers yesterday to toughen penalties for flashers and perverts.

Thao Nguyen, 24, tearfully recounted how noted Manhattan restaurateur Dan Hoyt unzipped while staring at her on an R train two summers ago.

"I tried to avoid eye contact with him, but I had a feeling he was up to no good when he kept massaging his crotch," she testified before the City Council's Public Safety Committee


After being flashed, she posted her experience and the picture on various Web sites. Eventually, Hoyt, a raw-food chef, was arrested.


Hoyt's complete lack of remorse was noted by the judge at the time of the sentencing. The perv unabashedly told New York magazine that his victim "would probably want to go out with me."

And before his sentencing last year, he even claimed he was the victim of a crime.

"It's actually illegal to take pictures in the subway," Hoyt said.
How do you not like this guy's attitude? Whole story here. Question on my mind -- Suppose I'm jerking-off in my car while driving on I-95. Woman in car next to me sees me. I notice her and continue to jerk-off. Have I sexually assaulted her? I don't condone public masturbation, nor would I encourage it, but I'm asking a moral question, not legal question. I'm just curious if we use any other measurement, besides the feelings of the "victim" when determining if they deserve the victim status...I would think about it some, but I'm busy jerking it under my desk right now to the chick one cubicle over.

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