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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Not Believing Barney Franks' Cover Story

I'm sure members of Congress get injured all the time. Trying to High Five each other while drunk. Getting stabbed for sleeping with another Congressman's wife. You know the usual. I'm pretty sure, however, that few (I'm going to say none) have ever sent around a Dear Colleague letter explaining an injury and asking people not to ask about it. From Wonkette.

Poor Barney Frank has been walking around with his arm in a sling. In order to cut off the constant questions and maddening sympathy from people he so obviously hates, his office sent this email to most of Capitol Hill:

Subject: Message For Your Boss From Congressman Frank

May 15, 2007

Dear Colleague:

I appreciate the concern expressed by many about why my arm is in a sling. In order to avoid having to repeat the same conversation, I am sending out this Dear Colleague.I ruptured a tendon in my left arm using a curling machine in a gym, and I had it surgically repaired yesterday at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I’ll be using the sling for a week or two, but I feel fine.

Thanks for not asking.