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Monday, May 07, 2007

Incandescent Bulb Ban Seems Inevitable, Start Hoarding Now

When environmental activists and industry are in bed together on an issue two truisms generally apply: coercive legislation will result and consumers will be screwed by fewer choices and higher prices. Sadly, this is happening to my lonely crusade to preserve a person's right to use incandescent light bulbs. From the WSJ [subscription only]:
Manufacturers and environmentalists are hammering out a nationwide energy-saving lighting standard that, if enacted by Congress, would effectively phase out the common household light bulb in about 10 years. That in turn could produce major cuts in the nation's electricity costs and greenhouse-gas emissions.

The new standard is expected to compel a huge shift by American consumers and businesses away from incandescent bulbs to more efficient -- but also more expensive -- fluorescent models, by requiring more light per energy unit than is yielded by most incandescents in use. The winner, at least in the near term, likely would be the compact fluorescent light bulb, or CFL [and, of course, CFL manufacturers].
I posted on this subject two months ago, as did Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason in more detail.

A carbon tax is a superior way to tackle energy use as it allows consumer choice (thereby granting Hayek a rest from rolling in his grave) and charges for usage versus vehicle of usage. If I only want one hour per night of a real light bulb as I read in bed why could I not have this option while John Edwards could light his 28,000 square foot mansion 24/7 with CFL's?

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